Alamance Growers Cooperative

These farmers serve restaurants and stores in the Triangle area with high-quality, fresh, sustainably grown produce. Two days prior to delivery availability lists are sent out. Customers choose desired products and amounts on a first come, first serve basis. Harvested produce is picked and chilled less than twenty-four hours ahead of delivery in order to extend shelf life. TerraStay Farm (Terra Farm LLC) manages orders, delivery, and billing, providing ease of vendor management.

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TerraStay Farm

Farmer: Sonya Weavil, Timothy Weavil, & Family

We are a small family farm committed to organic practices, building bio-diverse soils, and growing nutrient dense non-gmo produce for our community and restaurants. We are excited to share meals with guests, offer educational and community building events, and make whole real food accessible to anyone through multiple opportunities.

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T-5 Farm

Farmer: Randy Thompson and Family

T-5 is a small family farm dedicated to producing homegrown chicken, beef, pork, eggs, fruits, and vegetables to provide the community with healthy alternatives to commercially-raised products. We use no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides as part of our implementation of sustainable practices, though we are no certified “organic.” T-5’s pasture-raised chickens are grown without hormones, antibiotics or animal by-products. The entire family is active in all aspects of production, sales, and marketing through involvement in local Farmer’s Markets, direct sales, and restaurants.

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Peaceful River Farm

Famer: Lee and Larry Newlin

Lee is a culinary educator, and Larry grows sustainable produce and fruit. What Lee loves most is creating and sharing delicious meals from foods grown on their farm that enhance health and fight disease. The Newlins grow beautiful, sustainably grown produce including vegetables, berries, herbs, and edible flowers. These foods kick-start many of Lee’s creative and healthful recipes and events. Larry’s thirty years in horticulture provide a foundation for sustainably grown fruits and vegetables.



Farmer: Matt Ballard

“…Where good things flourish.”

Boy Wood Farm is a small and diversified market farm located in lower Alamance County, North Carolina, near the Haw River. We only use sustainable farming methods in building soil health, nurturing the diversity of plants and animals and feeding each other gifts from the land.

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Ran-Lew Dairy Company

Farmer: Randy Lewis

Our milk remains wholesome and natural using low-temperature pasteurization which preserves naturally-occurring nutrients and enzymes while killing pathogenic bacteria. It’s also non-homogenized—the cream rises to the top after time sitting—and contains no antibiotics. Our cows are pastured on grass and fed GMO-free feed without hormones. We bottle whole, low-fat, chocolate milk, and buttermilk in a gallon, half-gallon, and pint containers right on the farm.


Haw River Mushrooms

Farmer: Ches Stewart

Haw River Mushrooms grows gourmet edible mushrooms in Saxapahaw, NC, including shiitake, lions’ mane, and blue, pink, and golden oysters.



Farmer: Bobby Tucker

Okfuskee Farm is located in an agricultural area called Silk Hope. Our farm is based on permaculture and agro-ecological principles, including ecological site planning, water-focused design, bio-diverse and integrated livestock farming, no-till organic vegetable production, and agroforestry; all with a goal towards local sustainability. Basically, it is a 20 acre research project with the philosophy that “anything worth doing, is worth doing wrong…the first time.”



Farmer: Suzanne Nelson

"We heal the land and ourselves with a daily devotion to wholeness in all that we do."

Reverence Farms is a diversified, thriving polyculture, where animals are treated with reverence and grace, earthworms are cherished, and all critters eat a species-appropriate diet. We offer passionately pastured eggs from chickens fed a locally milled and organic ration, and our hens are moved to fresh pasture daily where they eat a full complement of bugs and fresh forages. Our broiler chickens get a fresh salad bar daily.

Our poultry and pig rations contain a diversity of proteins (including flax and field peas) in order to improve the taste and nutritional profile of our products and reduce our reliance on soy. The soy in our rations are different from conventional feedstuffs in that it’s derived from whole, roasted organic soybeans instead of soybean meal, an industrial waste product customarily fed to livestock.

The hens follow our dairy cows and sheep in a rotation that takes into account the need of the grass to regenerate in order to provide the best nutrition for all the animals and to allow the soil to capture the carbon from the atmosphere. We raise our dairy calves on mama cows, with all the milk they can drink and the normalcy of running in a mixed-aged herd. We do this to ensure the best and brightest dairy herd for the future and in order to provide an outstanding life to even the young males, which later become our signature ambrosia beef.

Our commitment to whole food means that we are also diligent about the ingredients in our value-added products. That means our sausages are not only free from MSG directly, but also are free of “spice extractives” and other fractionated ingredients that often contain undisclosed sources of free glutamates. Our bacon is cured the old-fashioned way, using just salt (no nitrates) and molasses, and our bulk sausages are free of sugar. We started this farm as a homestead to feed our family and we are serious about what it means to say, “this is food.”