terrastay team

Here are the people that make it all happen!


Tim Weavil
Owner Farmer

Tim grew up working on his extended family's farms in Western Piedmont NC.  He graduated from Western Carolina University with a BS in Criminal Justice and has worked in law enforcement for 21 years.  Tim is a ventriloquist of animals and an awesome caregiver.  He is looking forward to an active retirement in the upcoming years here on the farm.


sonya weavil
Owner farmer

Sonya was born in PA and graduated from NC State in Chemistry, Biology, and Nutrition.  She has always had a passion for health and healing through nutrition and nutrient dense food. She spent 11 years in fine wine sales and studying viticulture and many years prior in hospitality.  It's been her dream since her early 20's to have a self-sustaining organic farm with guest cottages near the water.  


hayden taylor
Cottage manager, budding farmer & environmentalist

Hayden is completing her bachelor’s degree in Geography with an emphasis on environmental education from UNCG this summer.  She is a full-time student, completing an internship with the city of Burlington, and spends weekends helping prepare for deliveries and our Airbnb guests.  She has a deep interest in a career in permaculture, farming, and environmental planning, 


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Jordan Taylor
Artist & Culinary Genius

Jordan attended culinary school and trained under Jeff Barney at the 5 star Saxapahaw's General Store.  She worked in culinary for four years, practicing with local produce and whole animal preparation.  She has since reached out to fulfill her dream in pottery.  She works full time for HAAND casting pottery for fine dining establishments and works with the farm in art and design.


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Tims’ Parents

Teddy and Mary Jo both have deep roots in farming and gardening. Tim’s family extended has farmed Tobacco, Vegetables, Vineyards, and Gardens for years in Forsyth, and Davidson counties. Tim’s first day harvesting was on Labor day, shortly after his 12th birthday in 1986, Tim continued to work with his families farms through college. Currently, Mary Jo and Teddy grow a beautiful vegetable and flower garden each year adjacent to Belews Lake..


Sonya’s Parents

Chuck and Maureen have invested much of their lives to Homesteading and Gardening. Chuck’s family lived on Cox Farm road where the men were miners and all the food was grown and raised on family land. Maureen and Chuck continued to sow into their children the value of home grown food and food preservation. Over the years they have raised Chickens, Vegetables, Perennial Horseradish and Rhubarb, Fruit Trees, a couple rabbits, and jointly raised a Steer with friends. They currently deliver farm goods for the Growers Group weekly.


Ht Edit.jpg

Gena Moore

Gena Moore is the Organic Research Coordinator for Carolina Farm Stewardship Association.  Based out of the Lomax Research and Education Farm (Conord, NC) she conducts applied research and offers high tunnel consulting services for farms in North and South Carolina.  She manages and lives on a sustainable farm in Monroe, NC with her husband and three boys. We had the opportunity to work with her this winter. She has helped us plan the tunnel rotations, appropriate crops, and harvest schedules.


suzanne Nelson
Sister in Faith - Mentor in Farming

Before I met Suzanne I had been praying for a change in my life; for guidance, strength, means, and inspiration …. but my world seemed endlessly corporate bound. We had crossed paths in Saxapahaw and then one day I saw her at church. A few weeks later I had this unexplained drive to check in on her, although I didn’t really know her. She was having a difficult day with sick and cold lambs and we spent a few moments together bonding before heading our own ways. Our paths continued to cross through friends, family, and interests. We started sharing our visions which were energizing and aligned. Our passions for unadulterated food I believe were innate, but the drive to truly seek it was birthed in Motherhood, and in being intentional in what we fed our daughters. In October 2015 Suzanne invited me to come work with her. She had made the colossal jump from Capital Hill Journalist to Farmer and inspired me to do the same. She has sowed into me, and now into our farm. She has financially invested in our vision, but also in inspiration, insight, education, and love, We have grown in faith together, I think we have both learned from each other, and I will be forever grateful to her.


Tony Gaddis

Tony founded TerraStay Farm with Mike Ortosky in Saxapahaw, NC in 2014 while also farming 90+ acres in Northern NC and working full time in technology. In late 2017 he decided to simplify and spend more time with family. We had hoped to purchase a farm in Saxapahaw in the next 5-6 years but Tony made a generous proposal to advise and transition management and ownership to us over the course of 2018. Immediately our path took a short cut and we put our house on the market and moved onto the farm in March 2018. Tony has been instrumental in training and making our dream a reality. He continues to be an asset and a great adviser.



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May 19, 2018

This sweet girl was the first born and was a healthy lamb, but her mama was very sick She was not able to get a healthy natural dose of colostrum and her health was in danger. She is strong, super sweet, and will paw you seeking attention.


Small But Fierce

This tiny girl was a small triplet and full of attitude. She is the Sheep boss. Her siblings were stronger and more eager so she started out dangerously under nourished and we brought her in on her 2nd day. She has fully recovered and is pretty cool.

Wonky Walker

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0306190814 - Copy.jpg

June 1, 2018

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sunshine / Lump - Kins
Happy Escape Artist

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SHe just moved in

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blk cat.jpg

teeny Tiny Fierce blind FERAL Kitten

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